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The SURE STOP isolation valve supplied and fitted from just £60.00 plus V.A.T.
(subject to survey and accessibility).

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Surestop Stopcock (15mm - SS/15/SPL, 22mm - SS/22/SPL) Available now

The new Surestop Stopcock is "a direct replacement for your brass stopcock", and is WRAS approved for use as a stopcock. Ideal for installations where pipework is easily accessible. This product now replaces the Direct Water Switch (Surestop product codes SS/15/DIR and SS/22/DIR) which was phased out in March 2011 and is no longer available.

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Surestop Stopcock Plus (15mm - SS/15/UPL, 22mm - SS/22/UPL), Available from 1st September 2011

This is the upgradeable version of the Surestop Stopcock. It features a removable cover on the front of the valve which allows access to two 4mm push fit connections. This product has been developed in response to feedback from our local authority and private sector house builder client base. The Stopcock Plus can be installed as a mains water stopcock across a complete housing stock but can be upgraded into a remote stopcock. This is ideal for properties which may have to accommodate a range of occupants with varying needs. 

Also available Stopcock upgrade kit SS/2M/UPK, which consists of a Surestop switch, two metres of tubing and a coverplate, which allows you to convert the Stopcock Plus into a Remote Stopcock.

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The Surestop Remote Stopcock (15mm - SS/15/RPL, 22mm SS/22/RPL) Available from 1st Sept 2011

The new Surestop Remote Stopcock is WRAS approved for installation as a stopcock . While our Remote Water Switch was WRAS approved as a service valve. With the new version of the product there is no longer a requirement to have a brass stopcock fitted alongside the Surestop, which will save costs and reduce installation time. The remote stopcock comes with 2 metres of twin bore tubing


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