Special Offers

Special Offers

What would you do if you had a burst pipe in your home?....Panic?
Where’s your stopcock? Can you find it?  Will it work?

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could turn your water off – as easily as you turn your lights off?

The surestop range of stopcocks do just that, quickly and easily.

Every year 1 in 8 homes in the UK is likely to suffer a burst pipe*

Do you have to pay a high excess on your insurance for burst pipes and water damage or are you even covered?

Burst pipes and water leaks now cost the UK insurance industry more than claims for burglary or fire** and some insurers are raising excess level for water damage.

Now there is no need to panic just install the surestop for peace of mind.

The surestop isolation valve can be supplied and fitted from just £60.00 plus V.A.T.
(subject to survey and accessibility).

* research undertaken by Halifax Home Insurance

**statistics provided by the Association of British Insurers

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