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Gas Heating

We take a comprehensive view of all heating services, offering the more traditional gas heating system overhauls and servicing, as well as providing more modern, energy efficient and environmentally friendly options for all types of domestic properties, including:
  • All general heating work
  • Boiler Services and Repairs
  • Boiler upgrades
  • Emergency Breakdowns
  • Full Central Heating Installation and Repairs
  • Gas Installations
  • Landlord / Homeowner Gas Safety Certiciates
  • Power Flushing

Guide to the Types of Boilers and Installations

With a few exceptions all new and replacement boilers must be high efficiency condensing boilers that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25% and could save you money on your heating bills.  Although there may be initially a slightly higher purchase cost but this should be re-couped through lower heating bills.

Your next decision is to determine what type of condensing boiler will best suit your lifestyle and home. Regular (also known as conventional or traditional boilers), System or Combi?

In most cases this will be determined for you, if you live in a flat you'll most probably need a combi boiler, if you have a large family home with no space restrictions then a regular boiler or system boiler will be best suited.

Condensing is a method that re-uses heat, it's not actually a type of boiler.  In most cases this allows you to directly replace your old boiler with an equivalent type that also condenses. The most popular types of boiler using the condensing method are as follows...

  1. Back Boilers - combine a fireplace with the boiler located behind it for central heating and hot water. The only condensing back boiler available is the Baxi Bermuda.
  2. Combi Boiler - heats hot water on demand and is used widely, not quite as efficient as a regular or system condensing boiler but they can be cheaper to install.
  3. Regular Boiler - also known as a traditional or conventional boiler and consists of separate controls, cistern and a hot water tank.
  4. System Boiler - similar to a regular boiler but with an important difference, the boiler contains an expansion vessel which means the feed and expansion tank is not required in the loft, saving space.

Please refer to our products page to see some of the boilers we supply and install or can supply only, if you require further information about the boilers or the manufactures please click on the links.

We are Gas Safe registered.

We have Public Liability insurance up to £5 Million and Professional Indemnity up to £250,000
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